Push button to steering a few GPIO in sequence

Hi, I would like to know is it possible to steer a few GPIO in a sequence by push button. I made that but if I push the same button when the sequence is running I can again start the sequence. I want to achieve that to push button only once and then button is deactivated when the whole sequence is running. When it stops I can now push the button to start the sequence once again.
The sequence is as follow:
Push button starts first GPIO 26 ON for 5 seconds by trigger node and then GPIO 26 OFF and then GPIO 21 ON for 5 second and then GPIO 21 OFF - end sequence
Please show me where the error is

Is it working correctly apart from the fact that the button is not disabled when pressed, and enabled again at the end? To do that you could use a node-red-contrib-simple-gate to block messages from gpio 20, fed from the first output of the first trigger to close the gate, and from the second output of the second trigger to open the gate again.

Thank you for your answer and yes in that state the sequence is working properly and I will do as you say about the gate.
I have also another question about dasboard is it possible to put editable box when I can change the lenght time of each trigger? If so I can dynamically change each of times
Finally I want to make one sequence with more than 10 gpio
My goal is to steer relays with timers by gpio when i can make changes in triggers times by dashboard

Yes, the help text for the trigger node describes how you can use msg.delay to set the delay time.

I'll give that a test tomorrow. Thank you!

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