Push local project into remote github repository (Username and password issue)

Hi guys!

I have been trying to push my local project into my github remote repository. My workflow is like:
"change the parameter in settings.js from 'false' to 'true' " -> create a new local project -> click "+ all" button -> commit the changes -> add remote repository URL(https) into the settings of this local project -> "push"

When I tried to push it finally, it keeps telling me my password is wrong

here is what my settings look like:

May I ask what have I done wrong here?

PS: remote repository has no file & the project was created without encryption。

Thank you!

more detailed:

GitHub no longer supports using username/password to authenticate. You need to generate a Personal Access Token and use that in place of your password.


Thank you Sir

You can generate PAT from here https://github.com/settings/tokens

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