Pushover Configuration Help please

I'n trying to get going with pushover. Account set up and can send from web interface.
On the node, there are two fields: User Key and API Token.
I can't find any reference to User Key in the documentation except one posting saying the API Token goes in here???
Whatever I try, I'm getting "[57-pushover.js] Error: {"token":"invalid","errors":["application token is invalid"],"status":0,"request":"e247d6c0-9da7-4607-bd91-eeec2a649baf"}"
So, I have three terms here, "User Key", "API Token" and "Application Token". Can anyone tell me what goes in where. Thanks a million.

Have you created an account at pushover.net? If not, when you create an account and log in, you should see a user key (Your User Key).

Next, under "Your Applications", select "Create an Application/API Token".

Those are the two values you need in the node. Hope this helps

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