Pushover WAY too slow?

Agree, it's not easy :angry:
But this is what worked for me;

First create a bot by asking Botfather /newbot
Answer the questions, and you should end up with something like;

It this example, and for Telegram node profile, use Pauls Test as the Bot name, and 5062286608:AAGJDhotu2mcrI-ZfFVA1KeX1x5zZbdUldI as the token.
Save the profile, and ensure it's selected in both the Telegram Command and Telegram Sender nodes in the flow.

Now back to the Telegram app, click on the t.me/Pauls_username_bot (in the 'Congratulations' message) which will open up the bot, and at the bottom of the screen click Start
Now you will see the message below, and also that your new bot has been added to the sidebar.


In the write a message box, enter /setup and that should then run the node-RED flow, and store the ChatID in context, and be now working for the examples.

NOTE, this is my first real venture into Telegram, and although this works for me, it may be subject to corrections from the guy's who know more :laughing:
(I've also deleted the above example!)

Looks good to me.

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Heeee. I'm so excited- that worked, Thanks guys - that's me started..

Ok, one more silly question. The message appeared in my phone - I sent it again to prove the point.... and you kindly provided an example of sending an image - - next I need to get an alert on the phone - when the messge came in no sound on the phone. How can I get a custom (or non custom beep) on my phone, regardless or whether it's on or in my pocket - when for example the door opens - that's what I'm after. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

@Paul-Reed asked the same a couple of posts back.

You need to set disable_notification: true in the options object.

If you look in the markdown function example, you will see where I set the options object up - add disable_notification: true to it.


Sorry I misread, you actually WANT a sound - a custom sound - is that correct?

That's down to the iPhone settings for the Telegram app I think. You can also mute and unmute channels in the Telegram app.

Got it - all working - just need to make notes so I remember this lot - working a treat, got the frog notification sound on my phone when the door opens... magic.


Yes, and replay those notes to us so we know as well :slight_smile:

I'm using a notification on the phone - so I get a beep if the phone is in my pocket - works a treat - but far better would be to play a sound on the phone - an .mp3 file that is sitting on the RPi. Would it be asking too much to add that as an example in your flow?? I have an Amazon Polly setup that will go to Amazon and create an .mp3 file from text input.. and I have it buffered locally to avoid un-necessary calls to Amazon - so instead of yet another beep in my pocket I could have something like "the UK garage door has opened"... that would be GREAT...??

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