Question about downloads count on the page for a node in the nodes library

I have noticed that the downloads count for a node that I published a few months ago has consistently shown 0 on the nodes page for my package though the count shown on the npm page has almost always been non-zero.

I just wondered where this number comes from.

Should the count on the page for the package in the nodes library match the npm page for the package?

Does the count on the page for the package in the Node-RED nodes library only show downloads that were done through the NodeRED Manage palette process?

I noticed that some recently published nodes are including instructions to install using the Manage palette process. I wondered if this is necessary to get the download count to be accurate.

The counts come from NPM, when the node is indexed or updated - it’s not something that Node RED is monitoring

Once upon a time - indexing/updating was on a schedule, and as a result - the counts were kept up to date.

Now, it’s only updated when you trigger an update on the flows website, I.e when you need to bump the version number of your node.

Installing Nodes is just calling NPM install routines, and the packages is pulled down from NPM - and NPM will increment the download each time

The automatic update has been restarted, it is carried out once a day :slightly_smiling_face:


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