Question characters in my buttons

I have imported my flow into a new node red environment and all of a sudden I have question characters in my buttons. I also suddenly have my group title linked to my dashboard title.


Different system regional & language settings on machines?

I do indeed have one machine on Dutch and the other on English. What is the solution for this.

I've seen it once and then I fixed all strings manually. There wasn't too many of them so it was reasonable to do. Don't know if there is any simple workaround.

Might be different dashboard versions?

Okay the problems are in the used strings. But is that also the explanation for merging the titles?

Dashboard version are the same. But I work with node red version v0.19.4 and v0.19.6 can there be a problem?

For me as the default user it's hard to tell. The evolution of Node-Red has been quite rapid lately so it might be. Real answer needs deep analyse of guys with core level knowledge. .

Thank you. Maybe one of these guys has a solution. I'll wait a while. Is it easy to change version if you want to go back.

Problems with question marks have indeed been resolved. I had worked with "xxx" instead of "xxx".

msg7 = {"Label": global.get("Save")||0};

msg7 = {"Label": global.get('Save')||0};

I will just check my code for more of these problems.

With this adjustment of the string, the merging of the titles is also solved. Very strange.
So problem solved, case closed