Question: How to get and set the URL when outputting Watson Assistant's response image and option in Node-RED

I want to make web chatbot using Watson Assistant

  1. Watson Assistant's Try it works normally
  2. For flows created with Node-RED, text only exchanges are normally done
  3. I can not understand how to set response type option and image set in Watson Assistant Dialog and it is stopped.
Output options of "Option" and "Image" do not correspond to Assistant nodes alone How can I set Opiton and Image of Response with Node - RED? Does the node use Function or Templete (mustache format)? ↑ How should I write?

Thank you for your consideration.

Which node are you using? Possibly node-red-contrib-something.

Dear Colin,

Thank you for your comment.

I am using Node-RED provided by IBM Watson.

After sending a question, Assistant can now get the URL of the image, but I do not know how to put out the display with the chat bot.
Do you know how to set the GET URL using which node tag?

Dear @Colin,
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Current status;

  1. Specify image on Assistant node
  2. You can get the URL of image on Funciton node.

It seems that there is no problem so far

  1. Display image on chat bot using template node
    The part of the template node No. 3 is not well formed.

I think you need to give more details of exactly what the problem is. Perhaps show us a small part of your flow and explain what is not working.

Dear @Colin
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