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I had a question about organizing my flows in a sensible to me hierarchy and at some point realized that what I wanted is already built in the Information panel of the sidebar. This is great. At the risk of looking the gift horse in the mouth, I realized that order of the groups within a flow/tab seems to be driven by something that I am unclear about. For me it would be ideal if they were in alphabetical order. Alternatively if there was some way I could manually reorder them, that would work as well. So far I haven't found a way to do that. Just to be clear, this is an example that I would like to reorder:

Am I missing something? Is there an easy way to alter the order?

Just drag the actual tabs at the top of the flow editor, left or right wherever you want.

I am looking to arrange the groups within a single flow tab in the info panel. I knew about rearranging the flow tabs.

Oh those, I only just started using them so didn't catch on based on the image, as I haven't even bothered naming mine, I just use a comment node within the group.

I am guessing the order is based on order of creation. I just move them around where I want them in the editor, but sorry, no idea if/how to arrange them in the side window.

I tested and the listed order is determined by the creation order. It appears that if you want them in a particular order then you would need to Ungroup/Regroup accordingly.

Thanks for experimenting. I was afraid that was the only option for now. Workable, but not as efficient as I would like.

I've added an item to the backlog to allow reordering of items in the sidebar: Trello

Thanks as always for the responsiveness. Node red just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks @knolleary, can I make the suggestion that by default it sorts alphabetically.
At the moment I think it's the order the nodes/groups were created in.

I second this as a potentially quicker interim approach. If it sorted alphabetically then by pretending numbers one could effectively sort without actual sort ability.

Sorting alphabetically is still sorting isn’t it ? I suspect at present (without looking at the code) it just adds them to the view in the order it reads them from the flows file ( or in memory array)

The reason I said that alphabetical ordering would be a nice interim is because it is sorting based on a user controlled info (i.e. I could number the groups to get the sort I want). I agree with you that it is very likely that it does pull it from the flow. I assumed that the reordering item that @knolleary put into the backlog would be to allow them to be reordered in the list by dragging them up or down relative to the other groups in the list. This I assume would require adding the order into the information stored and then sorting based on the stored information.

By sorting first on something that is already stored and updated, then it would only the sorting portion to be implemented, whereas reordering would require both sorting as well as adding and updating that new data.

Of course the drawback of an interim approach is that if people get used to it then you either have to then take it away or implement an option to let users choose between alphabetical or manual reordering. That is enough of a drawback to probably just wait until one or the other can be implemented instead of doing both.

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