Question regarding flow processing

I have an inject node and a node-gen node (calling an API with a return delay of arround 10 seconds) outputting to an debug node.

When I click twice on inject the response occoures in the order:
a) First Inject Click
b) Second Inject Click (one second later)
c) After 10 seconds: Return first click
d) After ANOTHER 10 seconds: Return second click.

For me d) is unexepected, as I thought the REST API-Call is an aync topic, so I thought second inject message should appear only 1 second later than the first one.

Do you know whats the reason and if there is a way to change that behaviour?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Unexpected indeed. I should work as you assumed it would. Each trigger executes a new independent message flow.

How exactly are you calling the REST api? If it's done by a custom node (node-gen??), maybe it's not doing proper async calls, but is waiting for a response and blocking everything else.

Or the API backend isn't handling multiple requests well. Hard to tell without further info.

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Thanks @kuema
You pointed me in the right direction, issue was the REST-API limiter.
Sorry and thanks again :slight_smile:

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