Quick access to examples not available in ctrl+shift+p

Hi, would you consider adding quick access to Examples via CTRL+SHIFT+P?

I am trying to explain in a custom node-help how to access examples without reverting to "click hamburger menu at top right of node-red, then click import, then when the import dialog appears, click examples".

I'd much prefer write something like "Press CTRL+SHIFT+P then type example"

A default shortcut would be a bonus :crossed_fingers:

Another really nice to have would be being able to (from the built in help) click a button or link that actually triggers the opening of the examples dialog? That would be great (perhaps its possible already?)

There are entries for import and library but not examples - demo...


As always, i appreciate how low priority this is and how busy you are - but if its in the memory banks & you pass by that bit of code & it's a nice easy quick addition - please consider it.


Done - https://github.com/node-red/node-red/commit/d6ad7dc6eb53d3bd002c70367650fcc51b0eb94a

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Thank you very much Nick :man_superhero:

Can I assume as you didn't reply to this part...

... means there is no way of doing this?

Sorry, I overlooked that part.

That's an interesting idea for sure. Bit more than a one line change however.

In 1.1.0, the help text is actually moving to its own dedicated tab in the sidebar. You can see a preview of that here: https://recordit.co/I8muJngLj4 (including the new outline view in the Info sidebar).

I'll keep your suggestion in mind and see if there's a natural place to add such a button.

Thanks again Nick.

PS, that looks nice - with the addition of linking to examples would be even sweeter :slight_smile:

In an effort to improve discovery, I have recently started adding this in my nodes help (so it is front and centre)...

Wow - thanks @dceejay for the title fix - I missed that :laughing: (I think Nick did too)


Nice! And I see that you also extended the functionality of the treeList to accomplish this. Just what I need for one of my next contributions :wink:

There has been a lot of work done to the treeList to make it more useful. How quickly the docs catch up is another matter....

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