Rain sensor count

Dear people, I am looking for a way to make a day count of my rain sensor. The rain sensor adds all values ​​together. I now want to create a flow in which this value is reset. With node red I control my sprinkler system. This turns on at fixed times in the morning. Now this is 3 times a week. I recently purchased a rain gauge. This counts in mm. and he continues to add up the values. now i actually want to make it so that i check before i turn on my sprinkling how much rain has fallen in the 2 days before so the continuous counter is not bad i need to have a set point of 2 days before the day i start sprinkling . Can someone help me how I can assemble such a flow? What I have now you see in the photo

I happened to search pretty much the same thing couple of days ago. I have an old weather station of which data packets I capture at 868MHz using an RTL-SDR stick and rtl_433 software. The remote sensor unit sends the amount of rain as total millilitres since its batteries were changed.

I could imagine a simple flow to calculate a total for the last hour or day but everything that I was able to easily think of felt not like the best approach. I then googled if InfluxDB could be utilised for this, and so it seems. I haven't yet got the time/inspiration to set it up but in case you're not allergic to the idea, I ran across this thread https://community.influxdata.com/t/aggregate-function-required-inside-the-call-to-cumulative-sum/12594

If I understood correctly, the method would allow saving the latest total reading to the database when it arrives regardless it the total is reset in between. The database query brought up on the thread could then be used to calculate the total for any given period.

As mentioned already, I haven't tested it myself yet but just throwing in the idea.

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