RangeError on using Gauge / memory leak?

I am using a gauge node to count down how long a switch is set to state "on". I t will tick down to zero.
Yesterday I saw massive "RangeError: Maximum stack size exceeded". I saw it often that node red runs on mem limit (4GB Raspberry) and crashes from while to while. I guess the are memory leaks in node red. O I just messed it up somewhere in the code :wink:

Most likely a problem with your flows I think.

Stop node red and start it again in a terminal, wait for the error to appear, and post the full terminal output here. Copy/paste please, not screenshot. Use the </> button at the top of the forum entry when pasting it. To stop and start it again, provided you used the recommended pi install script then you can use

[Edit] What makes you think it is a problem with the gauge node?

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I think it is gauge node because it was highlighted when I moved the mouse over the error message.

Are you going to post the log?

Also it would be worth adding a debug node to see at what rate you are sending messages to the gauge, in case you are sending them faster than they can be processed.

since this error does not accrue often and I updated to NR 3.0 I ve to wait for a log where its tracked.

In the meantime post what you see on startup, that may give us useful information.

sure. the log is attached
startup.log (956.3 KB)

I don't think it is necessary to have the log level set to trace in settings.js, otherwise you will generate massive log files. For the moment I suggest reverting it to the usual setting which is info.

However, it has showed that you appear to be fetching the nodejs version every 25 seconds or thereabouts, which seems a bit odd. I would not expect that to be the problem though.

Did you do what I suggested earlier which was to put a debug node showing what is going into the gauge to see what rate it is being updated at in normal operation?

Also I suggest running top in a terminal for a while and watching whether anything appears to be using a lot of memory or CPU. Post a screenshot of that after it has been running for a while.

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