RasPi display help requested

(Ok, I have asked someone else for a bit of help on it, but I think I should check other options as well.)

I have been given a RasPi with a 3.2 inch (320 x 240 res) display. (High resolution! :crazy_face:)

It is difficult to use a browser, as the screen (display?) is 1/4 the size of the browser screen.

So unless I get creative with putting all the GUI in the top left corner.......

Is there any other option I could use to get NR displaying a dashboard on this display?

You can use Chromium in kiosk mode.

Thanks, but when I put chromium into Kiosk mode the screen is still bigger than 320 x 240.

So it makes it difficult to position buttons on the dashboard.

don't forget you can turn off the dashboard title bar to give you more space.

Can you show us what you mean?

Just been trying to read between the lines in conjunction with your other post and I wonder whether what you mean here is that the dashboard group is wider than the browser window on the small display. If that is the problem then you should reduce the width of the group so that it fits on the display.

A default sized group of 6 "units" (about 54px) should just about fit across a 320px screen. this is chrome dev tools set to 320/240

The display I have plugged into the RasPi is 320 x 240.
The lowest res I can set is 640 x 480.

When I run Chrome the screen is four times bigger than the display.

A very poor example where black is the screen size and green is the screen Chrome' opens


So on the Pie's screen I only see the top left.

Thanks. That is food for thought.

If I make another group which is 6 wide and stick it after the one I want to see, it may just work.

Where are you setting that?

sudo raspi-config

option 5

Yields this:

This is looking at another machine via VNC.

There isn't a 320 x 240 option I can see.

Looking at https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/config-txt/video.md it is possible to setup the display to many more resolutions than those offered there, but it seems that 320x400 is not one that is available via HDMI, so it does look as if you will have to use either the extra group technique you have identified, or alternatively if you increased the group width to fill the 640 width of the virtual screen then the left hand side of that group should be on the physical screen and you can fit the widgets in the visible area.

The output isn't HDMI on that machine though. It has a LCD screen hat.

Anyway: If ever I can get that res' good. Otherwise the other idea of padding out the unusable parts seems the only way to go.

In that case perhaps this will work

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That looks interesting.


Seems I underestimated Chrome.

The screen is ok. Chrome is being annoying.

It is opening in a 640 x 480 screen.

And getting to the settings in Chrome is painful on that sized screen. :frowning:

So thanks for the link. Interesting but alas there is a new problem with Chrome not wanting to honour the screen size.

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