dashboard size problem

Hello everyone and thank you for welcoming me to your forum.
Here is my problem, I'm looking to make a weather dashboard with a raspberry and a 3.5 tft screen on gpio.
On the computer the dashboard and good but impossible to display it correctly on the screen of the raspberry.
Thank you in advance for your help because here I am really stuck.
Ps: the screen and well configured on the pi


Flechg welcome to the forum. Please don't double post threads you won't get help any faster.

When opening a thread it helpful to provide some detailed information like

  1. the version of NR, Node.js (see the start up log)
  2. the version of the dashboard you are using. (use the Pallette manager to get this)
  3. you say the screen doesn't show correctly but what does that mean?
  4. What browser are you using on the Pi to display the dashboard?
  5. what OS and version are you using on the Pi?
  6. What dashboard items are you tring to display? How many items are you trying to display?
  7. Can you provide an image of the Pi's screen?
  8. What screen are you using? (A 3.5" screen is pretty small...)

So you need to get a browser working on the screen before trying to get the dashboard working.

Good evening,
Sorry but I didn't realize I was posting 2 times, I'll be careful now.
As for the version of Node-Red it is V1.03 and V10 for raspbian and chomium last version.
I was inspired by the flow https://flows.nodered.org/flow/b5b7d5da14d24e71de447e6aa290937e/in/dbKdTXPTnHBx
that I would like to adapt but not entirely on my 3.5 screen.
Here's what it looks like
thanks again


And what resolution is your screen ?

Hello my screen is a tft 3.5 480x320
thanks again

Good morning all,
I wonder if this is possible because it has already been 3 weeks that I am on this problem, confinement required and that I have no results.
Can you at least tell me if this is possible
because I'm new to red node.
thank you in advance

If you view an ordinary web page (not node-red) does it fit the screen?

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