Rbpi is showing wifi blocking on one of signal

i am using rbpi and when i click on wifi icon it shows list of signal some are active and my coperate wifi is dim black and cant click on it kindly see reference for understanding, how to solve the problem
rbpi wifi

Is that the WiFi setup within the Raspberry Pi desktop OS? thats not really a Node-RED question so you'll have better luck on a Rasbberry Pi forum.
However as a guess does your corporate wifi require Enterprise WPA/802.1x authentication (many do) you will likely need to do some additional steps to connect a Pi to those networks and need to talk to your network administrator to get the right certificates and have the device whitelisted.

Rbpi forum is not responsive, actually corporate wifi name is showing but i cant click on it it is some thing like dissable

Actually your enquiry on https://forums.raspberrypi.com/viewtopic.php?p=1947725 was answered within an hour. Maybe you didn't get a notification email.
The advice there, like here, was to speak to your network supervisor.

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