React on Dashboard text-input time

I want to control a school-bell on different times (about 20 times per Day). I just had to trigger a relay for one second - all the electronic stuff is done. I want a dashboard, with different control options (like turn off until the next day starts, turn off until date...) and with all the times when the output should be triggered. My choice at the moment is a simple text input on the dashboard in the time-picker mode which looks good. (I dont want to use a injection node - a normal user should be able to change times).

But I had no idea in which node I could put the selected time to. I did not find anything like the inject-node which accepts an input with a time and output something at those time.

Tanks for you're suggestions!

Have a look at node-red-contrib-cron-plus.

Thanks for yor reply. Cron-plus did not accept a time input (or didn't i understand it?). It looks really cool but a cron style time is good for tech's but not for normal users... (even with the build in time creater).

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