Read and write String data type in S7 plc with S7 node

I want to read and write String data type in S7 plc with S7 node. I tried it in TIA portal I assigned a variable with "string data type" and it shows me the address with "P#DB1.DBX0.0", while in the description of S7 node "DBX" is for Boolean type instead of string, on the other hand, TIA portal generate "DBX" for string data type.
Is there any possibility to read/write string (text) data type.

you need to use the right adress type in your node. btw wich nodes are you using? there are couple of s7 nodes as I remember.

Check this documentation for the right type to get your string.

I need strings from my plc aswell, but I dont use it, because it slows the communication. If you dont have that much strings you can send int and then assign you string to the interger within node red with the change node. This is how I use strings.

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