Read BACnet Data with another structure

i use the node-red-contrib-bacnet to read the Data of a BACnet IP Gateway
when i test with the Yabe Tool > Room Simulator i can read Data and it is working all well...

but when i want to read Data from my Production BACnet Gateway i have problems and cannot read the Data i wish....

The Structure where i can see with the Yabe Tool from my Production Gateway looks different as from Simulator... the structure has more than one sub as you can see in my Printscreen....

i must read Data from the point Mutters'AS03[2098179]
what must i configure in my node-red-bacnet-contrib to read the data of this sub point ?
maybee i make something wrong or it is possible the other person who install the BACnet Gateway make something wrong?

i am not so a BACnet specialist but maybee someone can help me ?
i think the problem is the sub structure and how can i address this

Thanks Benny

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