Read file in from iCloud


I would like to read a file using the file in node, but the file is stored on my iCloud drive.

How do I configure the file in node (ie the format for the Filename path) to point to the file location on iCloud.

Thanks in advance for the help.

You don’t say if you are running Node-RED on a mac or not…

If you are on a mac, you could try opening a terminal window and then dragging your iCloud folder into it which would show you the path.

ok, sorry. My setup is:

Node Red running on a raspberry pi
Files that I want to read are stored on my iCloud drive on my mac

Both will be on the same home network

So you would have to mount your icloud drive on your raspberry pi. I don’t think you will find that easy to do but you could try googling to see if you can find a solution to mounting the drive