Read vibration sensor data

Dear all, Im beginner and start learning Node-Red. Im trying to read a vibration sensor data that comes according below:

1st (X) data string: “^008, 1256,Xpk, 2504,Xrms,2.99,V,028%”
2nd (Y) data string: “^008, 3456,Ypk, 4510,Yrms, -11,C,028%”
3rd (Z) data string: “^008, 3210,Zpk, 5202,Zrms,16,g,A,028%”

The sensor send 3 messages at the same time with the same index but I need to separate in different variables. For example:

variable a = Xpk
variable b = Ypk
Variable c = Zpk

How can I do this?

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