Read/Write/Update Dataset Ignition Tag using Node-RED

I have begun working on a new IIOT project. I have a device running Ignition Edge connect via ethernet to a Allan Bradley CompactLogix PLC. I have created a connection using OPC UA and can receive and set tags on the PLC. I have also setup Node-RED on the device.

I know I can use the node-red-contrib-ignition-nodes package nodes to read and write tags in Ignition. I want to store BOM data in Ignition. Currently I have a tag called BOM that is a dataset. The BOM data is an array of objects with various item details. I tried to set the BOM tag by restructuring the BOM data to follow the dataset and using an ignition write node but what happens is the ignition node tries to create nested tags under the BOM tag which is not what I am looking to do.

I thought I would manually add some data into the dataset and attempt to read it to maybe get the structure I need to send to update the tag. When I attempt to read the tag I just get something like Dataset [1R 5C] and not the actual data that I add.

How do I read/write a dataset tag with Node-RED?

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