Issues pulling tags from CompactLogix

Hi, I'm new to nodered and am trying to pull tags from a 1769 CompactLogix L33ER with the node-red-contrib-cip-st-ethernet-ip node, then pass them with MQTT Sparkplug.

I only seem to be able to pull the controller tags and not any tags that are defined in the main program.

Is there something I need to add in the node tag configuration in order to get those tags or am I only able to access the controller tags?

I am entering the name of the tag exactly as it appears in the exported csv tag list and have checked the data type.

When I deploy the node it says its online and doesn't have any errors; but it only returns a null value.
I double checked in studio 5000 and there is a value for the tag but I just am not getting it.


It has been a long time for me using rockwell so i may be wrong here (or I could be thinking of an Omron NJ/NX?) Any how, isn't there a publish option on the tags in logix tags? If yes, then I think you need to enable publish.

Again, I am very rusty on logix stuff so take it with a pinch of salt.

Got the answer for anyone who has this issue in the future the format for Allen Bradley compact and control logix tags is Program:ProgramName.TagName