Reading a device

Before, on a device it read as follows:
{"dps":24,"set":"000000000000"} text {"data":{"dps":{"1":false},"t":1714599444},"deviceId": "bfb66a17fd95982996kw4n"," deviceName":""Input Light"}

Now after changing the device for an identical one, I read:
{"data":"3.3\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000]Y\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0001e����\u0003�Ϲ���, �F7�ϛ �\u0005zK�E �Hey슆\u0002E ��\u001d\u0010='$��\u0012��Y","deviceId":"bfb39fe512e1479cf1jcvl","deviceName":"Entry Light"}

My question, is how can I solve it?
How can I read the other format again?

Thanks a lot

What is "the device"? A PLC? A sensor? A smart thing?

Does node-red run on this device or a computer or?

Was node-red flows, settings or anything changed in any way?

Please provide more detail.

Without anything solid to go on, my guess would be that the replacement device is not configured the same as the old one.

Is this connected via USB or Serial? If so, it probably has different serial settings.

Good again.
First of all, thank you very much for your attention.

The device is: GIRIER-Smart Dimmer Switch Module Wifi Device. Through the Tuya Smart app and the IO Tuya program, as a communication gateway with NodeRed.
This is the link of the device on Aliexpress:

What you should be reading:
DPS: 20 / STYLE: Boolean / MARGINS: true/false / DESCRIPTION: On/Off
DPS: 21 / STYLE: chain / MARGINS: white/color / DESCRIPTION: White or color selection
DPS: 22 / STYLE: Int / MARGINS: 0…100 / DESCRIPTION: % white power

I use NodeRed to interface Tuya Smart and an S7-1200 plc. Being able to give on-off commands from the PLC.

Thank you so much