Reading and manipulating KNX-RF

Mostly just wondering if anyone else have done something with anything of the following.

I have had a wireless system of radiator thermostats and a central display unit from Siemens’ Synco series for over 12 years. I quickly understood it was based on the highly standardized KNX but struggled to find how to connect myself to the wireless KNX-RF. After a year or two I got hold of a OEM KNX-RF+ usb stick which was new from Tapko at the time, and with the help of staff at the University of Vienna and their Calimero KNX project in Java, I at least managed to sniff all data traveling through the air (and inspired a new KNX LTE mode addition to Calimero).

I have since run a RF bus monitor in Java as a daemon node in Node-RED on a rpi3 for at least 6 years, on which I also parse the stdout strings into useful data before converting to HomeKit devices. Remarkably stable solution but always felt halfassed, and I missed actually being able to send “writes”. I could only manipulate it by a Sonoff changing 2 digital inputs (relays) on one of the Siemens units.

Then I bought a leftover little stock of devices from the same Siemens series, some similar units as backups and a couple of other non-wireless units I didn’t bother with at the time.

When revisiting the thought of “true writes” to the heating system recently (on account of electricity prices), I realised I had a Siemens OZW772 KNX web server(!!!) in my box of Siemens KNX products for many years. After a couple of days struggle of updating the 2012 v4.0 firmware to v12.0 I now have an API after all these years. It only cost me drilling a hole(!) for a two-wire signal cable from the central unit to the KNX web server, and getting Ethernet to the latter.

So, fun days again, as I create new subflows as elegant and generic as possible again, which now convert HomeKit output to the Siemens KNX API “writes”. Instead of regularly GETting the vast amount of state in the system via the API, I have thus far kept the RF sniffing for “reads”, as that is reported at the systems own optimal intervals anyway (and I spent such long nights fine tuning the parsing and converting of that once…).

Anyway, just wonder if anyone else have dabbled with this hardware?

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