Reading global environment variable from function node

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I have set "global environment variable" in user setting with value of type "credential", when i try to resolve the value in function node using env.get('xxx'), the value shows like "PWRD" using node.error.

What do i miss over here?

Works here:


I mean "credential" type not string, you may change the type and try once more please

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The value you get - when trying to read back the credential type - is __PWRD__.
This is a mechanism implemented to keep the credential secret - in the editor.
There's a chapter in the documentation covering the details of credential management; it's yet lacking valuable information how to handle your use case.

Thanks @ralphwetzel !
I think this is a new feature released in 3.1 version but i couldn't find enough information of how to use it

I had some time to dig around in the code base: Looks like you fell over an issue in the global env management for credential types. This needs to be fixed; as it is currently, you won't get the credentials value back.

I propose you raise an issue in the NR GitHub repo!

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