Reading in file missing parts

greetings,I have to convert a absolutely massive json string to a javascript object using the default JSON NODE in multiple steps.
1.The string is read in from the filesystem using the default read file block with the output set to single utf8 string,encoding to default
and path obviously to the file in question. Parts of the string are allready missing after this block. i'm not sure if this is a debugger limitation limiting string length or if something is happening in actually reading the file

thx for any help in advance

The debug output is limited in length to avoid overloading the browser. You can tell it is truncated because it shows a series of dots on the end. If you wish to check it is all there then set the debug node to output to the console and then it will all appear in the node-red log.

If you are on a pi or other debian OS you should be able to see the log by running
then initiating the read.

Alternatively you can stop node red and start it again in a command window, then the debug output should appear in the command window.

it is indeed trunctuated , i'm currently attempting to read the console using
sudo journalctl -f -u nodered -o cat

unfortunately the terminal just freezes doing this

Does journalctl initially work and then freeze when you do the file read?
node-red-log and node-red-start also use journalctl.

i rebooted and it just doesn't work

systemctl status node-red.service
works fine

You are not using the systemctl service file by by the recommended install. That is nodered.service, not node-red.service.

Possibly you need to use
sudo journalctl -f -u node-red -o cat
but I don't know what you have done so cannot be certain.

unfortunately i am forced to used the preinstalled node red on a siemens iot 2050 os image. so yeah some stuff is weird

i also tried sudo journalctl -f -u node-red -o cat and that works like a charm and i seem to get the entire string as a output it'll need some more debugging but now i have a start at least so thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

as it turns out,

i was of course the problem. I was looking at the wrong place for a certain variable . classic PEBCAK

thx anyway,


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