Reading values of variables - Error undefined


I am trying to read the value of an input_text from homeassistant. The value my function node is returning is "undefined".

var temp1 = global.get("homeassistant.homeAssistant.states['input_text.temp_1'].state");

var newMsg = { payload: temp1};

return newMsg;

I have tried another method:

var states = global.get('homeassistant.homeAssistant.states');

var temp1 = states["input_text.temp_1"].state;

var newMsg = {payload: temp1};

return newMsg;

However this just gives me this error:


What is in your global context?
if nothing, but you expect there to be, then you may need to seek support from the HA Community.

I have some context there and it reports the state but it is still undefined in the debug menu. Although as you can see in the context menu there is a value.

Now that I typed that message I saw my error. In the function I wrote homeassistant.homeAssistant, but as you can see in the context menu it's homeassistant.hA.


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