Real Time Stock Prices

I use to use "Commodity Api" to get the real time current price of Gold, Silver, Natural Gas, Brent Crude Oil, West Texas Crude. Then they dropped the FREE Service, so I then found Yahoo Finance and there was a Node Red Ticker Node just for Yahoo Finance, I used it until they no longer support it now also.

I only up date these 5 stocks 3 times a day and only Monday thru Friday. Does anyone know of a FREE Api service that I can get this information? I have looked all over and can't find any FREE.

I'm not sure it will work for commodities, but I use the HTTP get to check bitcoin/eth prices every few seconds through Coinbase's JSON API, triggered by an Inject node. I vaguely remember Yahoo having an API when I was researching, but I was specifically looking for crypto API's.
You might have better luck tapping a free (even if keyed/tokened) API with HTTP, rather than looking for a specifically made node.


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