Receive any message that the user writes in Telegram

Good afternoon, I am making a telegram message system with the nodes (node-red-contrib-telegrambot-home) because it has the part of displaying options (telegrambot-switch) and I like it a lot since it facilitates the interaction a lot.
I would like to receive any message that the user writes, and I see that with these nodes that come with (node-red-contrib-telegrambot-home) I cannot:

Someone could help me how to receive any message that is written, since if I use another node I will not have the node (telegrambot-switch) that is very relevant to me.

Thank's in advance!

I use node-red-contrib-telegrambot and it has a receive node that will do what you want, if I understand it right.

Hi @LosinIt !
Thanks for your answer.

This is what I have used it too and it is what I needed, the problem is that I could not use the (telegrambot-switch) which is the most useful option for the integration that I have

Doesn't the command node do what you want? Though a command in Telegram is a defined msg starting with /, in the example given, that isn't how the example is triggered but rather uses just standard user input.

Hello @TotallyInformation ,
Thank you for your answer!

The Command node only lets defined words or phrases pass, in the node itself, and I have tried to leave it blank to see if it allows me to receive everything, but it does not allow it.

It cant be blank:


In the end I have been able to use expressions in the command node, it works for what I need, thanks for the collaboration @TotallyInformation & @LosinIt

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I would suggest raising an issue against the GitHub for the author to consider either extending the command node or adding a more generic msg node.

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