Receive lan webhook with camera snapshot (surveillance station) in home assistant

Sorry can't help you there. I don't use Home Assistant, haven't seen the need, just Node Red. I use piVPN on my network so that I can access the Node Red dashboard remotely and the system is armed when personal mobile phones are out of the house (ie off the network). I receive notifications of motion activity from the PIR or camera all sent through Node Red to my to my mobile via Twitter.

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no worries. can you share the url (with sensitive details hidden of course) that you use to post http request into rednode from Lan ? (http in)? keen to see how you format it

as i'm only dealing with node red now.


I don't really understand by what you auth into node red. I assume you too are using MotionEYE, and I showed you an exmaple of a webhook re File Storage in MotionEye. The Http address is that of your computer running MotionEYE on your lan. In Node red you use the same name for the webhook (unlike my example of the Node Red Http In node where I now call it webhook_Img rather than just wehook).
When MotionEYE detects activity the Node Red 'Webhook' node outputs a msg object containing information in the part req._parsedUrl.query which gives the date and name of the file, so we can then get the url to make an http request for the relevant file to display

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Sorry yes you have. What do you use as auth tho? Looks like there is no auth in your call? (In motion eye webhook)

I managed to get a response by disabling auth and updating my webhook from: to

so will keep playing with it and use your info which will be a massive help
Thanks for all your help

Hope you are making progress. I seem to recall the author of MotionEYE saying there was an issue in using webhooks with passwords, but that was a long time ago so it may have been addressed. I do not have an auth as I haven't set a password for MotionEYE (perhaps I should), but I only use it over lan or access my network through a raspberry pi running piVPN. As I think I said, I don't use Home Assistant just Node Red..

I made some thank you. Got the webhook responding so have it alerting via home assistant mobile app. . Still working on snapshots.
Thank you