Receiving mqtt from multiple TTN applications

Hello everyone, I’m trying to receive sensors data that comes from different applications

using MQTT integration and Node-Red, the issue that I’m facing is that extracting only one

application is working fine and I can receive the data from that one application.

when I try to add another “mqtt in” node to receive the data from another application, just

after configuring the tenant id and password for the new application and suddenly the older

mqtt-in node automatically change its server to the new application and it starts to receive the

same data from the new application

also using the Subscribing API that TTN provides :

“v3/{application id}@{tenant id}/devices/{device id}/up” as a topic makes the node receives

nothing from TTN. kindly help, how can I set the configuration of the mqtt in order to receive

from many applications at the same time?

You can add multiple mqtt configs that way changing the details of one does not affect the other.

would you elaborate more please, this is how my flow looks like:

whenever I change the configuration on one of the mqtt-in nodes of one, all the others

changes and I keep receiving the same message from all the MQTT-in nodes instead of

receiving different application payloads.

As I said...


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Thank you so much Steve that solve the issue.

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