Redundancy Thoughts - MQTT and NR

Like many of us I am using MQTT and NR combo to manage the lighting in my house. Lately the Pi that I have been using is starting to lock up. So I would like to replicate the MQTT/NR combo to another machine and have them both running without conflict.

I am sure someone has implemented this already but I could not find it via search.

First hit in the forum search: Node Redundancy

However it would be better to investigate why your pi lock up.
The PI I'm using is running fine, maybe one's a year something strange that requires a reboot.
Most problems are related to bad power supply.
Check your power supply, and after that check you power supply again. Buy a good power supply with enough amps.
Also buy a good Pro endurance SD card , not to small in size.

Thanks. I don't know how I missed that one. :frowning:

I absolutely agree that I need to figure out why the Pi is failing. I do have a Pi4 with the official Pi4 power supply. I am also using a SSD instead of a SD card. So the issue might still be the power as I am powering the SSD through the Pi. I just received a different USB-SSD adapter that has a separate power supply. I will see if that helps.

One thing that makes my setup more difficult is the MQTT. I have many devices in my network that communicate via MQTT. So I need to handle the broker changes as well as the NR changes for redundancy purposes. I just installed the aedes node so now the broker is part of NR. I can eliminate the separate mosquitto broker.

I have also figured out how to dynamically change the broker address in my switches via NR. That will be my final solution and will make the whole setup fail safe. Well, except for WiFi which I have a mesh for.

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