Refer entity name in title of node

Hi all,

I like to keep my NodeRed as ‘organised’ as possible. To achieve this I tend to use the ‘Name’ function for each block with a bit of a description of what it does.
For example, let’s say I’m using a ‘call-service’ node to change the state of the entitiy: ‘input_boolean.car_home’ to ‘on’.
For this, I would give the node a name like:
‘Set input_boolean.car_home to on’

These type of nodes are used often, and usely i just copy/paste them for re-use with another entity.

However, with the ‘hardcoded name’ I need to manually change this everytime for bóth the entity (offcourse) and also the name of the node.
Fine, but we all like to be lazy whenever possible, so I was wondering if it’s somehow possible to re-use the parameters given in (for example this case) the ‘Name’-part of a node.
The Name-textfield would than look something like this:

Set <entity> to on

Is this somehow possible in Node Red?

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This is a duplicate posting, originally posted in the HA forum -

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My appologies, forgot to mention the crosspost. Edited startpost to include this information.

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