refresh the Dashboard

I want to refresh the Dashboard with the button (with the help of the Node Red button).

Why? Generally, you should need or want to do that with a single-page app like Dashboard since it forces everything to be cleared out and it has to start all over again. Dashboard uses Angular v1 as its framework and that isn't the most efficient of things so the startup is quite an intense piece of work.

Dashboard is dynamic so that it updates itself automatically based on data sent to it from Node-RED so you shouldn't really need to reload the page.

Of course, I'm making an assumption here based on the minimal info you've shared so maybe it is something else you are trying to do?

Hello, first of all thank you. The reason is that I can delete the data on the form with a different button. However, when I press the button, they remain as text in the form. When I refresh the page, they are deleted. (not with the button inside the form)

So what you really need is a button to clear the form.

That should be possible but I'm afraid I don't use Dashboard enough any more to be able to say how.

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