Refuse IP Connections

Due to workload circumstances i want to allow a maximum of 10 connections to a tcp server at an specified port. How can i refuse an 11th connection without affecting the existing connections?

In addition, is it possible to make an indicator on the gui, something like a led, to indicate an active connection? The TCP-in node itself displays it in the flow.

Thank you!

Point a status node at the TCP-in node - connect a debug set to show complete message to see what comes out of the status node as TCP connections are added + removed.

I'm not sure that is possible however you could possibly monitor msg._session and when you have logged 10, dont respond to the 11th+ (not pretty but might work?)

Thx for the quick response, i will try that tonight.

Status node does what i need. Thaks for that.
msg._session does not bring anything new. Will try to build a table with msg.ip entries and try the 'not pretty' solution.

Thanks for the reply!

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