Regarding scheduler

Hi guys, I want a scheduler to run every 1 hour, on every day, so which build-in node , i should go , whether i need to use schedex / inject /scheduler/light scheduler ? , how to use these nodes

The only built-in core node that you mentioned is Inject.

I'm guessing the others you mention are contrib nodes that you have installed.

As the Inject node can do what you want I'd suggest using that one.

Sorry, your correct others are contrib nodes, yes i have installed other nodes, and tried with inject node

, but not working, so tried with scheduler, and I didnot get what I should give in On Time , so that I will run the job every 1 hour

if in case , I use inject node, for every one hour, then what I should give in "between" field and
"and" field, please suggest me

Why not just use the interval option?

, I want to run all the 7 days, for every 1 hour , so, If I use just interval option, will this scheduler run for all the 7 days??

It will run every 60 minutes.

Ok thanks