Where Did All the Schedule/Timer Nodes Go?


I'm trying to figure out what happened to all of the schedule/timer nodes. Search for "schedule" or "timer" in the flows section doesn't return any nodes other than node-red-contrib-mytimeout. I have seen nodes in the past like BigTimer, Scheduler, Light Scheduler, etc. Even NPM doesn't show them on their website if you search for them. If you do a Google search for "node red bigtimer" or "node red scheduler" then you can find them on NPM but searching for them directly on NPM brings up nothing.

BigTimer was updated as recently as 3 months ago I'm nervous to try installing them from command line because I don't know why they have all been removed or disappeared. The help file for the Inject node says that you should use a scheduler node if you need an interval longer than 24 hours or one that can survive restarts and power outages,





Thanks! I'll keep an eye on the other thread you started about this.