Remote (free and secure) access to your node-red instance at home

Hi all...

last week we created this video playlist to show how to set up remote access to stuff on your home-Labs, for free, using cloudflare tunnels. The examples include node-red and HA, but would work with anything else.

I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, that's great.

Cloudflare's free tier is amazing. I use them for all my DNS needs now as well. Then there is their web protection which catches a load of attacks before they hit your services, their caching and even user authentication and web monitoring.

I started on this and soon found that I needed to install docker on my Pi (which is a non-trivial process)
After googling - this is the sequence of commands I used but it failed on the actual install of the cloudflare container

I don't know anything about docker but I'm assuming this is because the container isn't meant for a Pi?

mkdir demo
sudo chown -R 65532:65532 ~/demo

curl -fsSL -o
sudo sh
sudo usermod -aG docker pi


docker run -v ~/demo:/home/nonroot/.cloudflare cloudflare/cloudflared:2022.3.4 tunnel login

Mmmmm... it looks like there's no arm image of cloudflared on dockerhub.

I will look for my old RPi and try to create a guide for it...

In the meantime, your best choice then is downloading the binary for arm from here:

The whole install process is the same, just avoid using the "docker run..." and just use the binary commands: "tunnel login" then "tunnel create"...

just bear in mind: the certificate will be created (by default) on /.cloudflared (there's no need to assign permissions, as long you execute the command with root privileges).

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