Free and SSL secured access to your node-red instance running on a Raspberry Pi

Some months back, I published a video showing how to use cloudflare tunnels to access node-red running on a Synology NAS.

I told @cymplecy on this post I would grab my old RPi and record a video showing how to get the same result if node-red was running on a RPi as a host.

Well, this is the result of the "promise" I did. Hoping the community can take advantage of it also:

Take care! :slight_smile:


Hi, many thanks for sharing this, really useful.

You might want to consider moving it from General to FAQs though as I think lots of people may want this in the future :sunglasses:

Thanks, your words are much appreciated.

I tried to edit and move the post to FAQs following your suggestion, but I am not able to select that category... maybe only people with enough privileges can... :thinking:

Shesh! Life is hard at the top! Done.

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