Remove appCache from node-red-dashboard


The node-red-dashboard uses application cache- see

Mozilla says that the application cache has been

Is there any plan to remove this?


Is this perhaps the same issue being discussed here:

I've an ugly solution where I send a gray frame at the start and a black frame at the end so stale images aren't mistaken for "live" images on the UI webpage.


Hi wb666greene
No- your issue looks different. Mine is more of a dev/design question


There are no current plans to remove it.


Indeed, I suspect that Mozilla have slightly jumped the gun on this. Their recommendation is to replace them with webworkers but this is a whole level of complexity higher than the appcache.

There is another thread somewhere where I tested some performance issues - appcache makes a massive difference to the performance of Dashboard UI's largely because of the extreme size of Angular. It also gives a nice boost to uibuilder too.

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Thanks for replying @dceejay, @TotallyInformation