Rename "Connection Lost" message

Hi All,

When trying to upload a file bigger than 1MB (not only, see flow below) I always get the famous "Connection lost" message.

Although this issue has been discussed numerous times before, it might be possible to address it, until it can be resolved (WebSocket 3.0?):
Why not rename the "Connection lost" message instead, to something like "Please wait" or "Loading"?
Most likely it will eventually return the desired output as the web-socket is being automatically replaced with a new one. Couldn't find this system message in settings.js to rename.

My flow (try upload files bigger than 1MB):

upload.json (292.6 KB)

Thoughts? Thanks!

This is posted by an error being generated on the socket... it doesn't know what is going on - only that there is an error. So all it can do is report that. It may or may not return... but at that point it is indeed lost.

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