Replacement for package "request-promise"?

I am looking for a replacement of the request-promise package that is deprecated. I tried axios and it generally works, but I am not 100% happy with it, especially because I am getting a strange error that is open on the axios github since early 2022.

Does anybody know of an easy to use replacement?


  • The only thing I need is sending POST requests.
  • Should be using Promises.

Found this nice list Alternative libraries to request · Issue #3143 · request/request · GitHub.
Anybody can recommend one of those packages?

@cameo69, can I ask:

What is wrong with using the built in low-code node "http-request" for making requests?

Are you creating a new contrib node or simply developing a flow that does HTTP requests?

At this point I do not have normal nodes available. I forked malleguisse/node-jdownloader-api and started modifying it because lot of it was outdated. I am using it in node-red to control an instance of JDownloader.
By now I used axios, but I am not sure if it is a good choice.
Right now I tried converting the thing from RequestJS to an ES module, but so far I do not get it to run in node-red then; but that is another story.
I am thinking about either publishing a flow on once it is ready or even compile all to a custom node, but I am not there yet. Besides, when I searched the forum, the keyword JDownloader was not mentioned, hence probably nobody would need a custom node for that.

Ok, if I was updating a fork that was for making an API more user friendly, I'd likely use the got as it is what the core of node-red uses.

That said, for an API like this, I'd likely just build flows and/or subflows that do the API calls I need using nothing but the built-in nodes of node-red (no need for any external libs)

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