Reporting potential bugs on dev branch - useful or just noise?

Hi all,

What is the protocol for reporting bugs found on the dev branch of core node-red?

I realise this is not release and its likely WIP but while I am playing around in the core (the monaco stuff) I realise there is an issue - what should l i do?

I don't want to inundate you guys with things you probably already know (or are in the middle of) - but I would rather not sit on it either if it helps?

Let me know either way.


PS, in the interest of brevity - the issue I'm seeing in the dev branch is Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'label' of undefined


  1. load editor (or refresh)
  2. import this flow
  3. open the inject or form node
  4. click close or done button

The error occurs and the editor stays 'greyed' out & inaccessible until page is refreshed.

Only seems to happen after importing a flow (I only tested on that one linked)

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Worth mentioning here, but that one is already known.

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And fixed on GitHub.

Thanks Nick - tested and working.

PS, I did the dreaded acid test (or as it is sometimes referred to, Internet Explorer) on my monaco branch and unfortunately this happens (and on the dev branch)

Again, if its something you are aware of, sorry for the noise.

Yup - aware of. JSONata used to provide the Array.from polyfill for IE11, but they removed it in their latest release (after I raised an issue on it, so no-one to blame but me). So I need to go back and add back a polyfill of our own.

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See, it is just noise I'm generating (sorry).

Cheers for letting me know.

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