Request dark theme for editing screen

I see it has been mentioned but I am not sure where in the scheme it is.

I know the dashboard has a light and dark theme selectable.

But the edit screen doesn't.

Yes, I have installed the third party one and it works, but has its share of bugs which I have found a couple.


Great. Keep reporting and fixing the bugs will make it better for everyone.

fixing may be beyond my ability.

I've mentioned them a while ago. (Outside the scope of this request)

But if an included dark theme could be done it would/could/may be appreciated.

Themes are something we are happy to let others contribute. We don’t want to have to maintain everything.

Fair enough.

'T was only a suggestion.

Noted. Thank you for the suggestion. As I said do keep feeding back to the author of that theme so it can be improved.

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