One more vote for making the Dark theme the default theme on install!

One more vote for making the Dark theme the default theme on install! Not sure if this is a 'thing' or not, but if it is? Dark theme as default please. :slight_smile:

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OK , I like dark theme

It's a thing and (finally!) a trend in UI's all around. I still don't believe it's mainstream enough to be a default though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally I've been applying light grey text on black background in every OS, app and website I can somehow tweak or hack to do so for the last 10 years. :joy:

I think we need to met in the street, with rocks, and sticks... and have this out... It is just completely UNACCEPTABLE that you don't adopt the DARK theme. LOL! If you bring chips I will bring the soda?

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In case you haven't run across Dark Reader browser extension, you've been missing out:

For the last few years it's been the single most useful piece of desktop software on this area of interest for me.

On mobile it's available for Firefox on Android but it's too laggy to my taste. But luckily there's at least Opera and (surprisingly) Samsung Internet browser's on Android which both have a stellar "night mode". No knowledge or tips on iOS equivalents unfortunately.

This is an issue thread I had a watch for many years:

It might seem pity but at least you'll see we're not alone. And that there's hope as this got fixed after 9 years of complaints...

I, for one, do not walk on the dark side. It is second only to themes that use light grey text on a grey background.

It's important to keep the opposing forces of good and evil in an equilibrium.

Right! So we need more people to vote for the good light theme

there's more than enough darkness elsewhere in the world...

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"BUT... you don't KNOW the POWER of the DARK SIDE" LOL!

Too funny!

Don't take me wrong, I do love the sun. But when I'm coding, I don't want anything glaring to my eyes whether it's the screen or window behind the desk. The only things I need to stand out are the code and info I need.

Also I do toggle Dark Reader off before sharing a screenshot of the customer site, or when I need to share my screen.

But watch out, based on the current trends "dark mode" is a selling point and you'll be seeing it introduced here and there. Also when OLED screens become more common, you'll possibly understand the point better. :sunglasses:

I think I have more total hours... with music going, various diet sodas, in the dark... than I do in the light when writing code over the years.

The one thing I really hate is when the theme is locked in, or ignored by say one app, when many support the current theme. This happens all the time on my android phone OS, why do developers LOVE white? It is horrible on the eyes, where off white or darker themes are much easier on the eyes.

One example is the various smartlife apps, they are almost always white based. Drives me nuts.

I feel your pain.

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