Dark theme for the forum

Hi would it be possible to add a dark theme to this forum?

It would be easier on the eyes in the evening and at night, thanks.


If you use chrome, you could try Dark Reader which would work for every site (almost).

Nice. But unfortunately not on mobile devices.

Nice call, oddly I'd been thinking about a dark-mode for this forum only a couple of days ago. Nice to have the option.

Oddly me too!
My Google Pixel phone battery is starting to show it's age, and I rarely get a full day's use from a single charge now.
Because it has a AMOLED display, it uses far less power when viewing white text on a black background, than the opposite.
I've started using dark themes for a number of apps & sites now, and seeing the benefits....


I'm looking for the desktop though as I rarely use the forum on mobile. But I like my PC - and me :slight_smile:

to be in a darker room at night-time.

I use the Night Light settings of Windows 10 to tone things down but W10 on laptops is notoriously bad at choosing sensible display brightness levels, especially in the dark.

It has taken me a long time to start liking dark modes though for some reason. Given that I started on green-screen's, you'd think I would take to them readily.

Seeing as it's Friday (for me) and we're in a good mood....
Now under your user preferences...


Exciting - but I'm afraid that I'm not seeing that?

Took me a couple goes to find it....

Hmm, not quite what I see I'm afraid:

I will try another browser.

I think the reason it took me a couple attempts to find is because it wasn't there the first time I went looking in the Interface section. A couple page refreshes and it was there.

My guess - it hides the option when there's only one theme, and some caching means it doesn't instantly notice there's now a choice available.

OK, yes. Found it on another browser - once turned on, it appeared in my main browser too after a refresh.

Thanks guys.

OOooh, liking it!

Thanks very much, works great. :slight_smile:

I want to love the dark theme, but when I switch to it, the extra navigation bar at the top of the screen (Node-RED home about blog etc.) disappears -- ouch! Or is it just me and my browser?

Yes. All @dceejay has done is enable the default dark theme discourse provides. It does not include all the customisations I made to the regular theme.

I did wonder why I had all that extra space on my phone screen :slight_smile:

I guess some greedy people would like the best of both worlds :slightly_smiling_face:. (What you get for trying to do a good deed.)

@realjax If you happen to have an Android phone, You might want to try out "Samsung Internet" (yes really, against all odds). It includes a REALLY good dark mode, some plugins and even reflows text when font size is changed. I think it even does better job than Dark Reader. It's available in Play Store and not Samsung's own. I haven't tried it on non-Samsung devices but a friend just installed it on his Huawei tablet unless I completely misunderstood him.

Thanks, I happen to have a Samsung phone so I'll try it out. The new dark theme works fine too however. All though it broke a few minutes ago...

edit: and it works again :slight_smile: