All posts look lighter as if read even if they haven't

I started noticing it yesterday - is that happening for others?

mmm - looks like read posts ARE a bit lighter but I swear the difference used to be a lot bigger

Must be my eyesight going :frowning:

I noticed it too, but it has been that way for at least a week or two. Some Discourse update I guess.

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Using the dark theme exclusively now, easier on my aging eyes :smile:

It certainly gives better contrast - I'll try it out

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After years of disliking dark modes, I'm really coming to appreciate them more. Might be partly that I'm now working in a more subdued lighting environment than traditional office spaces with their harsh lighting. Possibly also partly due to the extra 2 hours a day I spend on screen now that I'm not commuting :thinking:

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I don't understand the passion nowadays for pale text on a light background. With the standard node-red theme I sometimes had great difficulty reading the debug pane with the default theme. Many websites have gone down this route.