Restrict Node-Write Abilities by user

Hey there,

for my current project I have this use case that some users should be able to administrate all nodes, while others should only be able to access "harmless"-Nodes.

In specific I want built-in nodes as "HTTP-IN" and "MQTT-IN" to be executable by the restricted user, but not writeable.

IF that doesn't work on this level it would be an option to disable some node at all for some users. So to speak completely exclude some nodes from the built-in palette. Is that possible somehow?

Im happy for any suggestions.


Hi @pbahr

The editor doesnt have the sort of granular permissions you are looking for.

It is something that has occasionally come up in discussions here, but nothing is currently planned.

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Hi @knolleary,

thanks for the reply.
I saw that its at least possible in general trough the nodeExclude Parameter in settings.

That's something to start with.

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