Retrieve values from payload object

Hi all,

New to node-red here, and looking to store some IoT data coming from TTN into a postgres database.
I am having a hard time formatting the data.
Here is the payload I receive

4/21/2023, 1:19:29 AM[node: msg.payload]( : msg.payload : Object


Bat: 3.354

TempC_DS18B20: "0.0"

conduct_SOIL: 89

temp_SOIL: "21.04"

water_SOIL: "22.02"`

Here is the function I use to format the data :

msg.payload = {
        timestamp_data: new Date(),
        device_battery: parseFloat(msg.payload.Bat),
        soil_conductivity: parseInt(msg.payload.conduct_SOIL),
        soil_temperature: parseFloat(msg.payload.temp_SOIL),
        soil_humidity: parseFloat(msg.payload.water_SOIL)
return msg;

But when I do this here is what I receive :

4/21/2023, 1:33:24 AM[node: msg.payload]( : msg.payload : Object

{ timestamp_data: "2023-04-21T01:33:23.953Z", device_battery: NaN, soil_conductivity: NaN, soil_temperature: NaN, soil_humidity: NaN }

I don't understand why I get NaN instead of the values, happy to get your insights.


Can you put a debug node on and let us see the output of the data that you are getting returned back from the API call ?

That would make it easier to understand what us happening


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I would recommend you take steps to secure your site before you do anything else!

Hi @zenofmud thank you for the initiative, point taken.

best regards,

Add a debug node to the output of all the mqtt-in nodes to show the data each function node is getting. Then copy/paste the debug's msg.payload in a response.

Is that the debug output of the mqtt-in node that feeds the function node with the issue?

You are trying to access msg.payload.Bat but the value for "Bat" is msg.payload.uplink_message.decoded_payload.Bat.

I discovered this using the "Copy path" button on the debug panel.

Thanks @jbudd solved the issue

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