Revert module to older version: node-red-node-email

Is it possible to revert a node module to an older version? I've installed node-RED using the recommended script. Updated node-red-node-email to 1.8.3 today and my attachments are no longer working as they were with the previous version.

Hi @Ashfaak

from the command-line, you can run npm install node-red-node-email@<version> when you are in the ~/.node-red directory and replacing <version> with the version of the module you want to install.

Have you reported the issue anywhere so it can be investigated?

Hi @knolleary

Thanks for the swift reply. I actually tried that, but in the wrong folder :see_no_evil:
Then I tried it again in the correct folder but did not restart NR. :man_facepalming:

I was about to add an issue on Github but it says to mention the issue here or on Slack first. The way this query is formed probably doesn't help much - I will add more info here:

Refer to this commit:

My msg.attachments is formed like this in Jsonata: { "href":"" &req.params.fileid, "filename" : payload.filename }

It is not array so it fails to become sendopts.attachments.

Attachments work again by setting msg.attachments to an array.

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